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Does anyone of you know someone who is looking for a studio in Berlin at the moment? I have a place in my studio vacant and it would be great to share it with someone!

Details: Sunny room on the forth floor of a giant old DDR radiobuilding

28 qm2 for 115 Euro per month, per person

in Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastrasse 18-50,


Best way to reach me: nadjab(at)

It is right next to the Spree, has a great little old cafè down by the river, is in a calm area were artist and musicians work but not too many of them. I like it a lot. Great would be a photographer/illustrator/writer/designer or someone who does not do giant sculptures or paint.

If you know anyone that could be interested then it would be great if you could pass this on.

Thank you! Nadja

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