There’s an interesting exhibition going on at the Kulturforum on Potsdamer plats at the moment called “On the plurality of worlds” featuring arts and ideas from the Age of the Enlightenment. The show is divided into rooms focusing especially on various topics such as the ideas of other worlds, flying machines, anatomy, vampires, end of the world scenarios, sculptures coming to life and the concept of beauty. It’s filled with books and beautiful prints such as the one above engraved by Philip Dawe. In the staircase between the floors there’s a funny little film on "The dancing Midget" by Georges Melies. I found the first floor more inspiring and interesting then the second but maybe thats because I admire old medicine drawings and strange sketches of people attempting to fly. For more information on the exhibition have a look here.

The exhibition is in the same house as the Kupferstichkabinett were, amongst others, one can watch some of Goya’s Caprichos, would have been fun to see them all. So if in Berlin, go there!

In the Berlinische Gallery there is also a small exhibition about collages at the moment were one can watch some of Hanna Höchs beautiful collages and a whole wall of Ellen Gallaghers creations which are just great!

— 2 years ago